Random Acts of Kindness Cards - 50 Pack

  • $ 300

I was introduced to "Random Acts of Kindness Cards" at our church back in Birmingham, Church of the Highlands. I love love love giving these cards out during the year. Actually, the whole family loves getting involved with giving these out to random people. Be creative with how you distribute them to your family, friends, AND TOTAL STRANGERS. You can leave a little extra tip at a restaurant, pay for the meal of someone sitting near you or the car behind you at a fast food restaurant. You could make some cookies and bring to the coworkers at your office or your next door neighbors. How about a nice pot of flowers and leave on someone's porch. You guys, the possibilities are ENDLESS. Whatever you do, leave this card along with it to remind them how much God loves them. People are hurting around us daily, and all it takes is a little something extra to brighten their day. 

Back is blank in case you want to write a note of your own.

1 pack includes 50 cards